Expand [Prefrences: Directories], storing and refrencing more locations please.

I’ll try to be succinct, I’d like to store in addition to the tempprary directory, the [Saved Projects] directory, as well as the [Export] destination directory independently, permanently, and most importantly, easily. I’m sure it can be done, and I’m 0.0.1 editions behind current stable release so if it’s already been done please forgive me. As an end user running multiple hard drives, I want to save the project on D Drive, edit it, and export it to C drive, directly into a folder that’s copied to a media device when said device is connected.

God help me If I’ve worked on three projects in one day. I’m fairly certain I could resolve this on my end with some careful registry editing and pointers, but I’m likewise sure that I’m not the only user in this position. I’ll be honest, little bit nervous about editing the registry to do so, I don’t understand one tenth of what I could do with Audacity even, I may as well be a baker in the cockpit of an airplane. Forgive if the analogy is imperfect, but I’d prefer if reading/writing fluent greek isn’t required to operate the door in and out of the cockpit.

Thanks you for your time.

Preemptive follow up: I’m aware of

Default Open/Import folder and Default Export/Save Folder (14 votes 22Oct17) These are always accessed when opening the file dialog.

at New/Modified Preferences: Import/Export

However, as there is a Directories menu that is the correct place, while the Import/Export menu is in my opinion, the wrong place. I mean… Yes, it’s relevant to Importing and Exporting, and even saving, still not the right menu for it though. Ham, Egg and Cheese on a bagel is still a breakfast item, despite ham and cheese both being a component of many, many sandwiches, which appear on lunch menu’s.