existing file info - peak and RMs

in order to compare some audio files,
how can I find out the existing peak and RMS levels for given file?

Thanks for any info.

The peak value is easy - just import the file and with that track selected, open the Amplify effect. The Amplify effect defaults to the amplification amount needed to bring the peak level to 0 dB, so if the Amplify effect says, for example:
Amplification (dB) [ 3.5 ]
then the peak level is -3.5 dB.

For the rms level. use the Contrast tool http://manual.audacityteam.org/o/man/contrast.html
The Contrast tool is intended for comparing the foreground sound level with the background sound level, but really it’s just a fancy way of measuring the rms level.

Thanks for the solution.
Seems a bit long winded. Has Audacity not considered a single button, somewhere in the interface,
“scan levels” to give both the peak and RMS levels for the current selection ?

I must admit, only just started to look at Audacity; not fully
got to grips with the “philosophy” of the program.

There is a feature request on the Audacity wiki:

Other analytical/statistical ability

Track sample data: > headroom to dBFS (audio level), peak minimum and maximum sample, RMS volume, replay gain etc. see SF, Wavelab, Cool Edit etc. over an arbitrary length of audio, even the whole file

Does that cover what you would like? If it does I’ll add your vote for that feature request.

That sounds like it - please add my vote.

Thanks Steve.