execute automatically a command


I need to execute automatically this command :

  • “analyse → draw the spectre” on several time periods chosen by myself
    Basically, I want to save the data on a file. I can open audacity and the music by myself, but I need to have automatically the results of the analysis without execut myself each analyse

I don’t know if it is possible, but it would be a great progress for my project.

Given you have posted here, I removed your identical post in the French Forum.

You can use the Export button in the Frequency Analysis window to save a file. Note that this always appends to the same file.

There is no automation of this. You can automate mouse movements and key strokes with AutoHotKey, MacroCreator or similar.

Or SoX which is a command-line application has a spectrogram command that saves a PNG file. See the SoX manual for details. It sounds to me like a command-line analyzer is what you want. Praat which has scripting ability or MATLAB may be other possibilities. Use your favourite search engine to look for more possibilities.