Excessive Whitenoise on Recording - USB tapedeck source

Hi everyone, newbie here so appreciate your patience (reasonably tech savvy).

I purchased a mini tape player and connected to the laptop via USB. I’m using an ‘Arlec Battery Eliminator’ multi voltage power plug set at 3v (500mha) Instead of 2 x AA batteries.

When I record I get a lot of ‘white noise’ or ‘hiss’ that seems to drown out the recording (sample attached)

. Not sure if it’s interference as it is heard slightly on the tape when playing, but magnified a lot when it’s recorded.

Is there anything i can change on my settings?

I’ve even tried ‘Effect’ Noise Reduction with no real success.
Noise Reduction.JPG

If you split the stereo to mono, invert one of the tracks, most of the mains-hum disappears …

Sounds like your battery-eliminator has real-bad ripple.