excessive static recording stereo mix

I did a search of the forums, and all I could find was to mute the microphone and line in. I have done that, to no avail. I also did a quick test recording the stereo mix in windows sound recorder, and did not have the issue.

I am running Windows 7 x64, and Audacity 2.0.2. My sound card is an HTC Omega Striker 7.1, everything hooked up analog. All my devices are muted and at 0 volume, except for Speakers and Stereo Mix.

Any idea what the issue might be? The recording like a radio station that is slightly out of tune, if it helps.

This isn’t simple which is why nobody has raced to your rescue so far.

What do you mean “hooked up analog?” If you used the crossed cables technique, then you don’t need Stereo Mix. You may be inadvertently creating feedback and that’s what you’re recording.

That and you have a very unusual soundcard. Do you have the latest updated drivers for it? Win7 went a long time with no good drivers for any sound cards and it drove everybody crazy trying to get sound production to work.


What I meant by analog hook ups is that my speakers are connected via the 3.5mm jacks, not the optical or SPDIF output. I wasn’t running anything weird, just 2 channel analog out to a receiver.

It turns out that it might be an issue with my sound card drivers. On a clean boot, it appears to not work, but if I leave audacity running, go into standby, and come out of standby, it appears to work. Very strange bug, but it does appear to be the drivers.

In case you were wondering, The HTOmega Striker was an alternative to the Creative card (Later audigy cards and the X-Fi card). Outside of this issue, which didn’t happen under WinXP when I first got the card, it is a very nice sound card, cleaner and more usable than onboard (its control panel is much nicer and easier to use than creative’s and Realtek’s), and with considerably less baggage and better DACs (less distortion at higher output levels) than the Creative cards, and was cheaper to boot. Unfortunately, the Win7 Drivers for it leave something to be desired, I have had problems with it not coming out of standby correctly before, which the latest drivers mostly fixed, but it still happens intermittently.

Thanks for your time.