Excessive gain when recording from turntable

I’m trying to record from my Michell Gyro SE turntable using Audacity but I have a problem where the sound is badly distorted because the gain is too high. I have tried setting the level for line in to the lowest setting in Control Panel and nothing I change in Audactiy will fix. I should note that when I record from any other source the recordings sound perfect.

My setup is:

Michell Gyro SE → Trichord Research Dino phono stage → T+A V10 amplifier

I’m recording from the ‘Recorder’ (ie Tape Out) from my V10 amp to the line-in of the onboard Realtek AC97 soundcard on my server.

Will a dedicated soundcard like the M-Audiophile 192 fix this problem?

Many thanks.

Check he specification of your sound card. It sounds like the input is a microphone input, not a line level input. If this is the case, then any sound card that has a line level input should fix the problem.

Thanks for the reply. Its connected to the line in but I’ve determined the problem. The gain for my phonostage is overloading the soundcard. I think I’ll buy an external soundcard like the Edirol UA25X which allows you to attenuate the signal.

Trichord Research Dino phono stage.

One of those will slide right into the Line-In of a Mac or a deskside PC. No further fuss. If you want much better performance on the PC, then yes, you need the analog to digital converter.

I note that the ad for the phono stage claims variable gain…

A quick trip through the instructions may eliminate the need to spend more money. If you have the preamp set for moving coil and you actually have a moving magnet type cartridge, the output signal will be significantly too hot.


Pay attention to what Koz says above first - but if you do feel the need to execise your credit card, then consider also the cheaper Edirol UA-1EX which too has a gain control.

I use one connected to my old Technics TT fed through an ART preamp and then into a UA-1EX - produces consistently good results.


I’ve tried all the gain settings on the Trichord Dino the gain is either too high or too low.

I’m actually thinking about getting a Edirol UA-5 instead of the UA-25EX because the new current models don’t appear to have phono/RCA input connectors or 3.5mm jack unless I’m mistaken.