EWI through mixer to Audacity

I have:

Windows 10 on a laptop
Garrity “ARIA” mixer/MIDI
Most recent Audacity

I want to play my EWI through my mixer and record it with Audacity.
ARIA has a record feature, but I have not made it work yet. I haven’t tried to open it in Audacity.

My EWI is a midi controller only. It does not make music, it sends a signal to a MIDI, which in turn sends a signal to speakers.

Is there an official product page for that? It’s not coming up on Google search.

Garrity “aria” is available through Akai.


Don’t expect much documentation.

Is “Garrity ARIA” a software synthesizer that you control with the Akai EWI USB?
Does it use ASIO?

What sort of mixer do you have?