Every time I record a song, playback sounds like its in.....

I record my own Karaoke songs for my personal enjoyment. On my old computer [which just died a month ago] I had an earlier version of Audacity, and I learned to use it well.

Now using the new version of Audacity, and a new laptop with Win 8, all of my recordings sound like they are in “phasor” mode. You know the sounds fad in, and out.

I tried even setting the phasor settings to zero after recording, but still there is a problem. I setup my headset [same as I was using on my old setup], but it still sounds bad.

Here is a song from my old setup

Here is a song from today.

Can anyone figure this out? Oh, and I switched to “mono” input like the older version vs the new version with the “duel input”.




That’s Sixth Ave Local, isn’t it?