Every sets up fine but never starts to record unless I ...


I am just trying to record a simple guitar intro and although I know I have everything set up the way the tutorial suggests, I can’t start recording. I hit the record button but nothing happens. Oddly, when I go to “diagnostics” and press that a box comes up and states “Language en-GB us unknown” and it starts recording. I click on the box with the message and a diagnostic report box comes up and it is still recording. I have to click that off.

Ok. I am no computer whiz but this is weird? Why is it only willing to record under these circumstances and what is “en-GB” - English Great Britain? What the hell does that have to do with recording?? Anyway I would appreciate anyone’s help.

I am using a RP360XP Digitech effects box to record and have Win 10. All that set up seems to be fine.



Which version of Audacity?
Did you get it from here: Audacity ® | Download for Windows

How is that connected to your computer?

Yes, that’s weird.


Nothing :confused: