Every new recording - amplitude is very small- change DEFAULT settings?

Everytime I make a new recording, the amplitude is very small. (It wasn’t before ???)
I know I can change the amplitude EACH time by effects/amplify, but I didn’t have to before .
So I wander what’s changed, except my upgrade to Windows 11

Can I change the default setting so I have a bigger amplitude by each new recording? How?
I tried to change the amplitude by effects/amplify and then in Presets and settings, I saved the preset. But when i make a new recording it’s again very small.

Thanks in advance,

What are you recording from? Your laptop’s built-in microphone? Something else?

Maybe Windows Microphone Boost was turned-on before.

You can also check Windows “Enhancements”. (In most cases “enhancements” should be turned OFF.)

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