Especifications of the native formats to recover lost files


I’m new in this forum but i didn’t found any clue where to find what i’m looking for. I was asked to recover some important files from a radio (some records that where made) in a disk that accidentaly has been erased. I was aiming to use test-disk and photorec. The problem is that this last one has not the files used from adacity to save the recordings. Say the .aup, .awi, .httb, .lof, .lsp. So i must teach photorec how are this files (how the starts and are identified and how the normali end) a long with the extension i already now.

Any one can poin’t me somewhere where are the specifications of how this files are created and saved in the disk? As result probably if i succes and the phorec developers accept my modifications this program will be able to recover deleted files from audacity. Whatever i will be posting somewhere how to do it if it works. So any help will be great!

thanks and hope someone could point me where i must go next.


Audacity Projects have a complex structure. Recovering a deleted project may not be possible.
Here’s a description of what makes up an Audacity Project:

There is also a page about recovering projects that have been created by Audacity 1.2.x

Note that Audacity 1.3.x does not number the .au files in sequence and if the recording was edited in Audacity then the .au files will not be in date/time order. To recover a deleted Audacity Project you will need to recover the .AUP file, ALL of the data, AND the correct folder structure.