Errors exporting audio in 3.2.2

Since updating Audacity on two different Mac, I cannot export to mp3, wav, or ogg. The file has two tracks. One with speaking and the other with music. When I remove the second track, it works. I removed the audio in the second track and left the blank track, and it exports, but as soon as I add something to that second track, I have the problem.

On the newer Mac (Ventura 13.0.1) it begins the export process, creates a file, and then freezes up and I have to Force Quit.

I get the error:

Translated Report (Full Report Below)

Process: Audacity [7550]
Path: /Applications/
Identifier: Audacity
Version: ???
Code Type: X86-64 (Translated)
Parent Process: launchd [1]
User ID: 501

Date/Time: 2022-12-19 08:17:45.2189 -0500
OS Version: macOS 13.0.1 (22A400)
Report Version: 12
Anonymous UUID: B87DCC56-B901-95BA-FF3E-14003727A985

Sleep/Wake UUID: 26789D44-7F92-4CBF-AFDA-78698DD3CD2E

Time Awake Since Boot: 58000 seconds
Time Since Wake: 317 seconds

System Integrity Protection: enabled

Crashed Thread: 0 Dispatch queue:

Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x4081c7f800000000 → 0xffffc7f800000000 (possible pointer authentication failure)
Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000001, 0x4081c7f800000000

Termination Reason: Namespace SIGNAL, Code 11 Segmentation fault: 11
Terminating Process: exc handler [7550]

VM Region Info: 0xffffc7f800000000 is not in any region. Bytes after previous region: 18446541743946006529
mapped file 7ffc8ac38000-7ffc91af0000 [110.7M] r-x/r-x SM=COW …t_id=8df01c67

On the older Mac (Monterey 12.6.1) it goes further in the process and then crashes shut.

I get the following error.

Crash address: 0xffffffff9a33f000
Process uptime: 216 seconds

I created a new project, copied the audio clips over to it and tried again, and get the same errors.
What do you suggest?

Are the tracks mono or stereo? Are you using envelopes?

Create a project with just the music track and try to export. What happens? (Is the problem with the music track?)

Create a project with two copies of the speaking track and try to export. What happens? (Is the problem with having two tracks?)

Create a project with two generated tracks (chirp, tone, noise, whatever) in the same mono/stereo configuration as the problem project and try to export. What happens?

– Bill

I found a work-around. The music track contains audio clips at the beginning and the end of the track with a space in the middle. When I select both clips and “join” them, they become one clip. In this format I am able to export. Clearly there must be a change in the software that is causing this glitch, as I have never had to do this before.

I can’t reproduce this. I created a project with a mono track and a stereo track. The stereo track has clips at the beginning and end. No problem exporting.
– Bill