Error Writing Autosave File

Hello! I use a Microsoft Windows XP, Audacity 2.0.3, and obtained the .exe installer. When I run Audacity and press record, a pop-up opens saying Error Writing Autosave File. I have gone into my Audacity folder and found out that my Autosave file is corrupted and unreadable. Regardless of how many times I try to change the settings from Read-Only, it will not apply. How do I go about solving this problem so I can record again? This whole problem started after I accidentally deleted Audacity and had to re-install it. Thank you so much for the help.

If you have a damaged Audacity, reinstalling may not fix it. Audacity leaves pieces of itself around to make upgrades easier. This is terrific until something goes wrong and you get “sticky problems” and “legacy damage.”

You should try resetting Audacity the official way.


How exactly did you find that out? Right-click over the autosave file or AutoSave folder > Properties? Did it say “Read only” before you changed it?

Reinstalling Audacity (even if you choose “Reset Preferences” in the installer) cannot change where the autosave file is, so is not likely to be relevant.

The only place you can have the AutoSave folder apart (on XP) from Documents and SettingsApplication DataAudacity is inside a “Portable Settings” folder that you explicitly create in your Audacity installation folder. Have you created a “Portable Settings” folder in the Audacity installation folder?

In my experience the error you see isn’t a Windows permissions problem but an intermittent bug in Audacity that it cannot write to the autosave file or the AUP file. To solve it, export any recording you already have as WAV (this should always work) then reboot the computer.


I use Audacity 2.x (Audacity 2.0.5) from a Windows Vista and I get this error message: Box Title is Error Writing Autosave File. The txt is: Couldn’t write to file “C:UsersCurt LindAppDataRoamingAudacityAutoSaveNew Project - 2014-04-15 11-59-05 N-1.tmp”: Error Opening File. Plz respond 2 this immediately so I can get bak 2 using Audacity.

If you are signed in as Thomas Lind without administrator permissions you cannot write to Curt Lind’s Users folder, or to anyone else’s Users folder except your own.

File > Export… whatever audio you have on screen as a WAV file (save to your own Users folder if you are not logged in as administrator).

Then Edit > Preferences, choose “Directories” and set Audacity’s temporary directory to a folder that all users of the computer can write to, such as a new folder in C:. Choose a drive that is working correctly and has sufficient disk space.

If you are actually the sole user of the computer, or are already running as administrator, right-click over C:UsersCurt Lind, choose “Properties”, click the “Security” tab, and allow “Full Control” permissions to the users concerned. To ensure there are no conflicts, you should already be logged in as an administrator to perform that action.