'Error while opening the sound device'

Hello, I’m having a problem with finding the input device. I am new to this and I want to record my Yamaha PSR E413. But Audacity (or my computer) doesn’t detect it for some reason so when I go to record it comes up with ‘Error while opening the sound device. Please check the input device settings and the project sample rate.’
Can anybody help me?

I have two cousins of that one. You adapt your headphone output connection (or Stereo Line-Out if it has one) to the UCA-202 and then plug the USB connection into your computer. It should show up as a USB Sound Device and be available to Audacity using the Device Dropdown.

Substitute the keyboard for the cassette player.


The USB connection on the rear of the keyboard is for a MIDI connection where the computer plays the keys of the keyboard instead of you. It’s not sound.

If you’re on a Windows Laptop computer, chances are very slim that you have a Stereo Line-In. Most laptops have a Mic-In which is mono, too sensitive and easily damaged. That’s why you need the UCA-202 adapter – or equivalent. Macs come with a Stereo Line-In, and that’s how I recorded this.



If it has two USB connections, then yes, one of them is sound. I need to read through the instructions. In that case, change the Audacity Preferences to 44100, 16-bit Stereo and try that. I gotta go.