Error while opening sound device. help

Hello, I keep getting the error message ’ Error wile opening sound device. Please check the input device settings and project sample rate’.

I am just trying to record a mix using:
2x djm600
numark m6 mixer with record output
numark djio sound card interface

I have the red and white jack from record plugged into the red and white socket on the djio which is then plugged in to a laptop via usb.

The laptop is an alright spec i think, windows 7, i5 processor, 4gb ram.

I have read a lot of posts regarding this and I have tried changing the project sample rate to 44100 which is what the djio is meant to have i believe and also tried 48000 and I have made the djio the default mic I’ve also tried stereo or mono.

Many thanks for any help :smiley:

Strange… I assume you’ve installed the DJ|iO drivers?

44100 is the sample standard for Music CD and 48000 is the sample rate for digital television. Both work pretty well but you should bias your choice to your job. It gives the electronics a little less work to do. If you produce work in 44100 for a video show, the video editor has to convert the track for use.

I read over the specs briefly and they claimed 24-bit digital audio and didn’t mention any other standards. Did you a) read the specs and b) try 24bit?


If you have, that may be the problem:

The audio interface comes with premium ASIO drivers

Audacity as shipped will not see ASIO drivers and may error if those are the only drivers being offered.


Thanks or the responses,
Yes i did install the djio driver and i have tried changing the bit rate.
so Audacity cant use the interface because of the type of driver?
Any idea what driver i can download and use?
is this just a dead end? :neutral_face:
Thanks again

Did you also change the project rate bottom left to 44100 Hz or 48000 Hz?

Otherwise, does the device still work if you uninstall the downloaded driver? In that case Windows would use a generic USB audio driver that Audacity should be able to use (if the device still works).

Or is there any software configuration panel for the device that lets you choose between ASIO and other driver? There is nothing in the online documentation about this, so you have to check this for yourself.

If the device truly requires ASIO then you can compile Audacity from source code with ASIO support:
Missing features - Audacity Support .


yes I have tried everything, and I’ve just started to ’ compile audacity from source code’ sadly it seems i must download some things that try and put spyware and other crap on the laptop so it is taking me a while to read through the small prints but will keep you updated wether it eventually works.
Many thanks again

What happens when you uninstall the special ASIO driver? Have you tried a different USB audio cable as well as uninstall the ASIO driver?

Are you following Missing features - Audacity Support ? All the required downloads are from Audacity, Microsoft or Steinberg, so there should be no spyware or malware.


Hi, thanks for all the help thus far, I’ve got as far as downloading the asio sdk after signing up to steinberg and extending my login access, I’ve downloaded the widget thing but I feel it is all too complicated for me and I’l just get a different soundcard and auction the old one or see if any of my friends have some software I can use. I thank you again you’ve given me very quick responses and answers but I don’t have a clue about changing environment variables, compiling, building programs. If what i have said sounds like I’ve been reading the wrong guides or if you know a guide in layman terms would be great but I have searched or step by step guides,youtube vids and so on but can’t find anything.
Many thanks again
Jem :smiley:

Sorry to butt in at this late stage, but before you rush out and buy a new sound card I think it is worth looking again at what you have got:

As far as I am aware the (Pioneer) djm600 is a mixer.

The “numark m6 mixer” is also a mixer.

Accordingly you are then attempting to connect 2 mixers to a third mixer.

Is that correct, and if so what are you hoping to achieve?

Sorry I wrote it wrong or it was predictive, they’re cdj800 x2 not djm.

OK, that makes much more sense :slight_smile:

So you have your 2x CDJs connected via phono/RCA cables to your Numark m6 mixer, with an output from there connected to your djio???

The problem is that your djio is primarily intended as an output device, say to a PA system or from a digital source to an analogue mixer.

You could potentially try sending the output from your mixer into the Microphone input on the DJ IO but even if Audacity can see it the sound quality may be very poor; it is not really intended for that purpose.

Alternatively you need a soundcard with line input.