Error While Opening Sound Device ERROR (please help!)

Sup guys. I just recorded my Jimi Hendrix Mono LP: Axis: Bold as Love and after I was done, I simply clicked the Record button in Audacity to stop recording, and put my stuff away.

Low and behold, when I try to hit play just to see how it came out, it gave me this message:

I don’t know what to do. I saved the project file, and exported to Wav (32 bit) just in case so I get my first “recording of the vinyl” intact lol.

What should I do? Should I simply restart Audacity, and open up the Project File again or would I lose major quality by doing so?

Just wondering.

I run a Win XP Machine, homebrew (Amd Athlon 3700), Sapphire X1650xt video card, 3 gigs of ram…

Please lemme know by tonight guys cause I gotta go to sleep soon. Peace :smiley:.

By the way, its Audacity 1.2.6. I have to use it for my Turntable because that’s the only way I can use the USB Codec for my Turntable.


By tonight where? Let’s see, in LA it’s 2330 hrs. PM. In the evening.

Forget the project and open up the WAV file. Cut with that. I do not use Audacity Projects because they’re brittle. I always Export as WAV after any capture, important or not. I understand you can’t do that with a multiple channel show, but for everything else…