error when opening an audacity file [SOLVED]

When i open an audacity file i can’t open the file: When i open the file the error says: can not find the map with the project data: ‘name of file_data’.

how can i restore my old files?

Only when i make a new file i am able to open the file.

Don’t move, rename or delete the _data folder that has the same name as the AUP file. So, just find the correct _data folder, make sure it has the same name as the AUP file, then put that _data folder in the same folder that the AUP file is in.

For example, “Tree Song.aup” goes with the “Tree Song_data” folder and both must be in the same folder.

See Managing Audacity Projects - Audacity Manual.


Thank you for your quick response, unfortunately i don’t know how to find the correct data folder. Where can i find this?

As I said, the _data folder should have the same name as the AUP file you are trying to open.

If you renamed the _data folder, rename it back to the same name as the AUP file. If you are still not sure please attach the AUP file. Please see here for how to attach files:


Gale, thank you for your advise! The problem is solved! I wish you the best for 2015!