Error "unhandled exception" with program quitting and fairly small file

I’m brand new and just editing my first two track podcast with version 3.3.3 on a Thinkpad. I originally recorded on Zoom, and its now about 26 minutes long after much deletion. I’ve been working on it for a week with zero problems when suddenly it started shutting down on me as well as being intensely slow just prior. I can only make about 3 deletions or “fades” or “generate silence” before it does this. It will freeze, the “x” in the upper right corner goes red, and then I get a pop up: “Unhandled Exception: Press Abort to terminate the program, Retry to exit the program normally and Ignore to try to continue.” If I choose Ignore it doesn’t respond at all. Totally frozen. If I choose “retry” it just shuts down. Upon reopening the program it has generally saved whatever my last function was. Super frustrating.
Thanks for any help with this!

So this error has not been reported for at least a year, and certainly not with 3.2.x or with 3.3.x so I am thinking your .aup3 project might somehow be damaged.

I would try to copy the entire .aup3 project into a new one and see if the issue is still present.

WIth Audacity’s assistance: Ctrl+A (selectAll); Ctrl+C (copy); Ctrl+N (new project); Ctrl+V (paster) [do NOT copy smart clips when prompted]. Then File > Save.

Or, Export your project to .WAV file(s), then import into a new project.

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