Error splicing file

Error splicing file: Input/output error.

So I was copying a folder of wav files and I came upon this rather large file of 2gb. I get the above error message and It will not copy more than about 25mb of audio. I was hoping to fix this in Audacity. I tried to open the file original 2gb file with Audacity and only about one minute (25mb) loaded. Does anyone know what this problem is and the solution?

I can play the original large file in an audio player and it measures 2 hours of playable audio. No problem there. I just can’t get it to copy. I’m on Linux Mint. I am sure that I’ve copied this file before from the Tascam audio devise to my computer and external drives. Everything else in this folder copied without a problem.

Does anyone understand this error message?

Use this web page to analyze the file:

If it is a WAV file (or any kind of PCM audio file), then you will see the necessary information to import the file into Audacity using:
“File menu > Import > Import RAW”

I searched my archives and found an earlier copy of the file. I copied that and there was no problem. It also opened in Audacity. I guess this was just a single bum copy of the file that was the problem, so I trashed that one copy.