Error saving Project

I am working on an editing project for LibriVox. Using Audacity 2.0.2 and Win 8.
The different stages of the project are saved as narration_a.aup | _b.aup etc… today’s session will not let me ‘save project as’ narration_e.aup.
I get the following Error Saving Project message window:
"Could not save project. Perhaps narrator_e is not writable or the disk is full.
All the happens is that a empty narration_e_data folder is created. But Save Project overwrote the file I was working on with the new edits.
I have 126 GB free in the partition, is there a writable preference somewhere or is the file just slightly messed up ?

Can you File > Save Project As to any path?

If the project contains imported files, File > Open Metadata Editor and press “Clear”. Let us know if that made any difference (it shouldn’t do).

Or Edit > Select > All, Edit > Copy, File > New, Edit > Paste and then save as another project. Again let us know if that helps.

Otherwise, you could try exporting as WAV. If you can export to the same directory as the intended project directory, it probably indicates a bug saving autosave files or projects that happens from time to time.

Or reboot the computer and see if you can save a project then.


I have 126 GB free in the partition

That may be the phrase that pays. “Normal” users have no idea what a partition is much less knowing that they have one – or two – or more. How many do you have?

Edit > Preferences > Directories. Does that point to a clear, healthy partition? Audacity has to manage its temp files and folders while you edit and manage the show. If there isn’t room to do that, then Audacity will fail.


Thank you for the replies.

Gale - I could not save that project to a different path, but as mentioned it overwrote successfully.
There may have been some metadata in the mp3 files I was editing together.
The project did export as a flac file just outside the narration folder I keep the current project files in.
The next two chapters I worked on saved as New Projects successfully. No change in anything else.

Koz - There are 3 partitions, C drive, one for programs and one for data (where the projects are stored)
Audacity itself is on C drive for some reason.
The directories point to C:Users… plenty of room left there also. 200 + GB on C.

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Obviously, your computer hates “e.”

No, I think this is the known Audacity weirdness that it cannot save XML project data from time to time, but can still export WAV files to the exact same location.

If it happens again, aradlaw, could you possibly attach the AUP file or the autosave file? I’ve never seen anything in the file that explains the problem, but you never know.


By the AUP file do you mean just the aup file, and not the data folder (which runs 200+MB) ?
I’m not that familiar with the inner workings, here would the autosave file be found ?

note: it would be nice if Audacity was “plug & play”, as it won’t recognize a USB mic plugged in while it is running.


Thanks for replying. Yes I do mean just the AUP file, to see if there is anything “odd” in its content. I don’t need the audio data to check that.

You can find where the autosave file is by clicking the “autosave” link in the quote above.

I agree and we have an open bug for it, but it has proved hard to implement it because querying the devices imposes a delay (so constant device polling is not really an option). It just needs some work putting into it so that connecting the device itself is the trigger for the device rescan.