Error Saving Project

Hey all!

Looks like I’m getting the dreaded “Error Saving Project” error that seemed to plague 1.x, but unfortunately, I’m using 2.0.2 (please see attached screenshots).

When I attempt to save my project, which has 3 different stereo tracks, each uniquely named, I get this error. I’ve tried clearing metadata, changing the names of each track (no illegal characters, just letters and numbers now) and I’ve tried a flurry of different folders. The ‘Show Log’ function, however, shows some interesting data. It’s apparently trying to get permissions of files which don’t exist, so I imagine that’s the reason that it can’t save the project - because the source data files it thinks it should be grabbing and saving don’t actually exist (please see attached screenshots). I checked out the folder it’s looking at (screenshot attached) and the files it wants definitely aren’t there…

I’m running 10.8.2 on my MacBook Pro, Audacity 2.0.2, have the OSX Lame library installed (I can export tracks, but that doesn’t help me considering I’m trying to record various song parts - aside form not losing what I’ve recorded completely, forever…).

Thoughts? Any solution I don’t know about? Should I grab a nightly? I haven’t tried that yet, but then again, I don’t really want to close Audacity and lose everything forever. I grabbed it’s temporary project and saved that off, but frankly, I don’t have the balls to just close audacity and hope that temp project has all my data. I figure, if it can’t save the project, I’m going to be safe and assume the temp project also does not have accurate data.

Thanks in advance!

You can Export it as a multi-channel WAV file with “Other Uncompressed FIle Types” and get it back that way. You can also Select each stereo track and Export Selected.

Again, please? You used external sound files in your show and the system can’t find them?

After Exporting the work, I’d probably send the system into Verify Disk and Repair Permissions.

I’ve tried a flurry of different folders.


Are you Administrator on your Mac?

After you Export the work to protect it, Open a fresh Audacity and generate test signals – enough to simulate a three-track stereo show. Can you save that Project?


I agree with Koz - select each track and File > Export Selection. Then Verify Disk and Repair Permissions.

Have you looked in the e00/d00 folder in the “project53300075” folder? If d00 contains 256 AU files then that folder is complete.

If it’s complete, and only a few AU files in e00/d01 looks correct, and once you’ve exported, then you could force quit Audacity and let it try and recover the project when you restart.

If you want to check if the AU files in the temp directory are correct, you can cross-check them with the “autosave” file for this project in ~/Library/Application Support/audacity/AutoSave.


Export and re-import seemed to have worked. I exported each track individually as a WAV, closed Audacity, then reimported and saved the project without hassle. Thanks for the help! :smiley: