Error Saving Project 2.0.4

I recently started having a problem saving my projects in 2.0.2. I then uninstalled that version and downloaded 2.0.3 a few days ago. The problem still existed. When I saw that 2.0.4 has just been released, I uninstalled the previous version and installed the latest one. But I still can’t save a project. Now, Audacity had been working fine for me up till a few days ago. Previously, I had no problem saving in Windows XP, which is what I have used all along on this Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop.

I go into record on Audacity. I am using the iMic USB to record an external audio source. (Again, this is the same as I always do, and was able to save projects previously. I have changed nothing.) The record input selection is for the iMic USB. Audio waveforms begin to be laid down as the insertion point moves across the timeline, and the digital audio meters are indicating a proper level of the incoming audio. Now,sometimes, after a few minutes of (supposedly) recording, the audio for the first few minutes disappears and the line in the timeline goes flat (there’s no “pulse.”) Or, if that doesn’t happen, it may look like all the audio is there when you stop recording. But, if you go to Save Project, you will get the Error Saving Project window that tells you that “perhaps” C:Documents and SettingsDannaDesktopfilename is not writable or the disk is full.

Also, if I click on the Audacity button to go to the head of the project at 0.0 on the timeline, all of the supposedly written audio I see in the timeline disappears, and now it is only a flat line of no audio.

In the previous versions I had on my computer, I went into the hidden Windows files, found the Audacity folder, and deleted that and a couple of old project data files that were, for some reason, residing in there. So when I downloaded 2.0.4, Audacity created a brand new folder too. So no way could the Audacity folder be full. I also did a defrag the other day, and I have more than 25G of free space on my laptop. I do not have a space-hungry files sitting on my desktop either. My previously recorded and saved Audacity project files prior to this problem still play fine.

I am at my wit’s end in trying to figure out why this problem has suddenly appeared and doesn’t seem to want to disappear, even with uninstalling problematic Audacity software and then downloading the latest version, which, as I said, came out of nowhere, when it had previously been working fine.

Can someone give me a short (not too short) solution for fixing this, that doesn’t require a lot of technical savvy and experience, and doesn’t require doing very “iffy” things (like with drivers) where, after reading it, you’re not sure if you’ll cause a bigger problem if you do it. And can you try to explain it in simple English. I am not enough of a geek to be able to follow answer after answer going all along the mulberry (or bramble) bush. All I’m hoping for is to connect with someone who is actually familiar with this particular issue, who’s dealt with it, can perhaps offer a brief explanation of what’s causing it, and a recommended and verified solution. I read some forum Q&As that seem to go so far out into the stratosphere in the Answers, that one can forget what the actual initial question was that was stated. I would appreciate it if this thread doesn’t go down that path. Thank you in advance for your thoughtful assistance.

For some reason the recorded audio data is not being saved, or is being deleted.
Is your computer on a network?
Are you trying to record to an external drive?
Go to “Edit > Preferences > Directories”. What settings do you have in there?

Steve, thanks for posting. No, I am not on a network. I am not trying to record into an external drive, just my laptop’s internal HD. Interesting, perhaps, that I did as you said, went to Directories, and it shows the path in the text field, which is C:DOCUME~1DannaLOCALS~1Tempaudacity_temp and underneath that it says “Free space unavailable - above location doesn’t exist”. Hm. But m. I can understand why it can’t save to a location that does not exist. But I do not know if you can spot something specific in the path that is wrong, and do you know what location and path I can save it to that does exist? As I said, I made no changes previously, so it puzzles me why it would now be trying to do this, when, in the past, I never had a problem saving projects.

Not sure if my Reply is still waiting approval or is in limbo, as my initial post appeared much quicker. So, to reiterate, I am not on a network, just trying to save on my internal HD. I checked Preferences>Directories and found in the Location text field C:DOCUME~1DannaLOCALS~1Tempaudacity_temp for which it says below “Free space: unavailable - above location doesn’t exist”. I can see why that would be a problem! Is there a problem that you can see in the path, or should I Choose a different location, and what would you suggest? Thanks again.

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I wonder where those “~1” do come from and is this a correct syntax for creating legacy 8 character file names? I am no specialist on this, though, but it looks rather suspicious.
I’ve looked on my system and it has also appended this ones… I’ve pressed the choose button and located the Audacity temp folder manually-actually, it was already there. After ok, the full path name seems to be correct, without those 1’s.
Could you try and search for a existing Audacity temp folder and select it?
Perhaps, You’ll better copy the original path into a text file for later restore (although it doesn’t work at the moment).

“location doesn’t exist” will explain the problem.
Are you logged into the computer as “Danna”?
“C:DOCUME~1DannaLOCALS~1Tempaudacity_temp” This is a Windows XP path. Is this a Windows XP computer or have you updated the operating system?

Did you perhaps delete “C:Documents and SettingsDannaLocal SettingsTempaudacity_temp”?

If you are still using Windows XP, open “Edit > Preferences > Directories” and enter:
C:Documents and SettingsLocal SettingsTemp\audacity_temp
as the “Location”, then press the OK button
(replace with your Windows log-in name.)

Steve, it might be good to ask other users too, if the temp path has changed after a 2.0.4 installation.
Audacity has produced a absolute non-sense path on my system (maybe, because I’ve tried it first from the zip-version, like a nightly built).
Who knows what other kind of bugs such a wrong allocation can produce.

SirKit said “I recently started having a problem saving my projects in 2.0.2”, so I don’t think that this is a problem about updating the Audacity version.