Error saving file for emailing to friend

I’m trying to record audio with my voice to e-mail to a friend of mine, it says I can’t save to audacity can someone help me

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Use File > Export Audio, not Save Project. In the dialogue that appears, change the “Save in” box to your own user space, such as your Documents or Music folder.

If this does not solve the save problem, please tell us what version of Audacity you are using (all three numbers from Help > About Audacity…) and tell us word for word what the error message suys.

Note that you cannot e-mail large files so you probably want to install the “LAME” MP3 encoding software. This lets you export an MP3 audio file which is fairly small. Here are the instructions to install LAME

The e-mail size restriction varies from provider to provider, so even if you can send it, your friend’s e-mail provider may reject it as too large. If that happens, you can upload the file to an online file transfer service such as then your friend will be e-mailed to download the file from the file transfer service. See for more help.


I’m trying to send MP3’s of my voice to a friend it tells me I have to have permission to save to audacity can someone help thanks

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Audacity calls it “export” when you save an audio file for use outside Audacity.

To export MP3, you have to install LAME if you have not already done so. See

Then in the Export Audio dialogue, choose “MP3 Files” in “Save as type” at the bottom, then at the top, click in “Save in:” and choose your Documents or Music folder. Windows will let you save there.