Error saving file (disk full?)

Yesterday I installed the new version of audacity on my iMac (1 TB of memory, definitely NOT full). Believe I followed the instructions correctly.
Imported a new interview and tried to save until I can work on it but I keep getting an error message: (is not writable or the disk is full”.
The file is Voellers 050119…so nothing in title that should be problematic.
I am trying to save to dropbox. I did change syncing options yesterday, but this file (podcasts) was NOT changed.

Thank you

Audacity 2.3.1
IOS 10.14.3, iMac late 2013 model

Voellers 050119…

What is the exact filename? The dots suggest the actual name is longer than that.

Do you hide filename extensions? I think that’s a terrible idea, but maybe that’s just me.

Right-click the file > Get INFO. Does that agree with what you think you did?

Desktop > Go > Computer > right-click Macintoch HD > Get INFO.

Does that size agree with you having tons of room?

Disconnect the network and/or drop the WiFi. Still having the same problem? Audacity doesn’t get along well with Network Storage. It doesn’t understand network delays and connection management.

How do you record the work? Include model numbers.

A note that’s not ISO standard for dates. That day would be 190501. That makes it so normal filename searches will work down through Year > Month > Day. The way you’re doing it means you’re going to need custom searches and would have trouble sending or sharing files anywhere else, particularly international.


Restarted the computer. Seems to work now :unamused: :unamused: