Error opening the project

OS X 10.11.4
Audacity 2.1.0 .dmg

I have edited a recorded file. But now when I try to open the file two boxes pop up
The first says "Error opening the project. Could not find the data folder for the project:
The second says “Error opening the project. Could not read the file”

It does it with both the projects I have. I have opened it multiple times before with no problem. But now it doesn’t even show the recording.

What could be wrong? And can I recover any recording or editing?

The AUP file has to live in the same folder as the _data folder.

The AUP file must not be in the _data folder.

Never move or rename projects. Did you do that ? Do it instead with File > Save Project As… .

So right now, you have to find the _data folder with the same name as the AUP file and put it alongside the AUP file. Or you may have to rename the _data folder back to its original name.


Gale, my savior! Thank you! I had moved the _data folder to another folder while the AUP file was on the desktop.
So I just moved the _data folder back to the desktop and now I can open the AUP file!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

You’re welcome.

But it’s better not to make a habit of saving projects to the Desktop, rather your Music folder or similar. The Mac’s performance can start degrading with lots of files and large folders on the Desktop.