Error opening sound/recording device.2


(In my previous post, I posted an incorrect ‘MIDI Devices’ screen capture. Here, I am showing the correct one.)
I am getting “Error opening sound device” and “Error opening recording device” window when trying to listen or to record on Audacity.
I’ve tried all the ideas posted on the forums and in the Audacity manual. Nothing works. I completely uninstalled Audacity, restarted my computer, and then installed again, but the same problems show up.
Audacity is 2.3.3. Computer is Mac Book Pro Mid 2012, macOS Sierra Version 10.12.6.
While “Devices” seems fine:
Screen Shot 2020-03-02 at 12.51.58 PM.png
“MIDI Devices” should show ‘CoreMIDI’ in Interface Host, and ‘Built-in Output’ or ‘Headphones’ in playback Device:
Screen Shot MIDI Devices 2020-03-02 at 12.50.43 PM.png
I can’t fix this. Please advise.

The issue was resolved by uninstalling Audacity, re-installing, and restarting my Mac.
The MIDI Devices screen remained the same, ‘No MIDI interfaces’ for ‘Host’. and ‘No devices found’ for ‘Device’. The help page says ‘Host’ should read ‘CoreMIDI’: file:///Applications/

Yes it will show “CoreMIDI” if CoreMIDI is available. If it says “No MIDI interfaces”, then that means that CoreMIDI is not available.

I’ve been having this problem. Nothing works! So frustrating. My Host says “Core Audio” with nothing to change it to. Does anyone know how to help with this please?

On Mac, the Host is always Core Audio and can’t be changed. This has nothing to do with “error opening sound device”. What error message and code are you seeing?
– Bill