Error opening sound device

Hi guys, having problems navigating this forum.
My problem is, I keep getting an error message " Error opening sound device. Try changing audio host recording device and project sample rate.

On MME I have no speakers. just a blank screen. If I change MME to either WASAP or Direct Sound, I have speakers, but no sound, and no recording.
What do I do?

Does sound work on your computer at all (any software)?
Which version of Audacity?
Which version of Windows?
What are you trying to record and what equipment are you using?

I have Window 7
using Super USB cassette capture to transfer cassette tapes to mp3s and put them on USB
using version 2.1.3 Audacity.

I struggle understanding a lot of computer terms, so please dumb it down for me

That’s a pretty old version of Audacity. I’d recommend that you update to the current 2.2.2 version, which is available here:
Get the “Audacity 2.2.2 installer (19.31 MB, includes help files)” version, and when you install it, look for the option to “Reset Preferences”.
Resetting Preferences during the installation should avoid possible problems of bad settings being carried over from your current version.

When using a USB device, the device must be connected and recognised by Windows before you launch Audacity.

When connecting the device, ensure that the USB cable is connected securely at both ends. If the cable does not fit snugly in the USB socket, try a different USB cable.

You can check that Windows can see the device by looking in the Windows Sound Control Panel.

Assuming that Windows sees the device correctly, launch Audacity and in the device toolbar, select the USB device as the recording input.

Thanks guys, I did three cassettes on this version ok, but downloading latest Audacity version now, hope all goes well. :smiley: