"Error opening sound device"

So I got audacity on my computer about two weeks ago and it’s been working perfectly fine. Usually my projects were small and I was able to finish them in one go. However, this time I was doing a larger project so I had to save it as a project file. When I went to open it again today, it worked. However, when I try to press the play button, this notification pops up:

Error opening sound device.
Try changing the audio host, playback device, and project sample rate.

I started a new project and imported a random audio file to see if it worked and it didn’t. Audacity is not allowing me to play any audio files.

I don’t know what other information you need or what’s relevant so I’m going to list some stuff here:
~My external speakers are broken, and they have been for awhile. I have them disabled in my sound settings and always use headphones, which are set as my default device. Audacity has worked with them in the past. Sound plays fine from YouTube so I know it’s not an issue with my headphones or the jack.
~I’m on an old computer that has some parental settings on it. We don’t know the password to disable them so there are time regulations on it that have the computer automatically log out at 12AM-7AM every day. When I was saving my audacity project it finished saving at like 11:59:59 then it turned off. I don’t know if that could mess it up at all…?
~I saw this problem in the FAQ but I tried their advice and I’m still getting the notification. Overdub and software play through are off. Project Rate 44100. Headphones set as default device.

If you need to know anything else let me know. How do I resolve this problem? Your help is appreciated :slight_smile:

See this page in the Audacity Manual: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/error_opening_sound_device.html