error opening sound device

…sometimes it works and sometimes not!..I use Windows 8.1, recently reinstalled Audacity 2.1.1, used installer not zip…for example I open a previously created file, press play to hear it…will play once fine…then make a change to the track and receive the error…tried different things I\ have read in the forums…if I can hear it once, can’t be a problem with Realtech speakers (selected for playback) looked for disabled devices etc. hmmm…I had been “saving project” each time I make a change to a trak, then it would play…but that don’t seem to work either anymore…

but that don’t seem to work either anymore…

How much hard drive space do you have? You have symptoms of a computer slowly being strangled.


“Error opening sound device” doesn’t know or care about whether it can access the audio data in your project or not = if not, it would normally just play silence.

I suggest you have a look at

If the problem persists please attach the contents of Help > Show Log… and Help Audio Device Info… . Please see here for how to attach files: