Error opening sound device

I have installed Audacity 2.0 on a new Toshiba Windows 8 machine. I have an Audio Technica turntable with an USB cable plugged directly into the machine. It also has RCA cables jacked into a tuner/amplifier.

After set up to the best of my understanding, the attempts at recording off the turntable result in very garbled music. As a last resort, I thought perhaps the Audacity was getting some type of feedback interference from another program installed with the machine. I went into control panel>device manager>Audio input and output; and disabled the audio input. I thought I’d be able to enable it later if need be. Now I have no sound and the input audio option is gone.

Unplug the turntable and restart the machine. That should bring your sound back. Windows has an odd idea of what constitutes normal sound pathways.

Now go into Control Panels and turn off Windows Enhanced Services.

Now connect the turntable and see if you can find it in Audacity. While you’re in the Audacity device menu bar, make sure the computer is playing music out to your speakers or wherever “normal” is on your machine. That can get scrambled with USB Turntables.

Scroll down to REFERENCE and then 8.