Error opening sound device [SOLVED]

I am running Windows 7 and Audacity 2.1.2 from the Exe file. When I load Audacity I get a message “Error while opening sound device. Check recording device setting and the project sample rate”. I am unable to find the Recording Device Settings and do not know to what the Project Sample Rate refers. Can anyone help with this problem. It is preventing me from using the software to make an audio recording. An earlier version of the software worked on this computer about six months ago.

What are you recording? English words: “I think I’ll record my voice on the laptop built-in microphone.”


Please see this FAQ: Why do I get “Error while opening sound device”?.

If you need more help please tell us exactly what you are recording, make and model numbers of the recording equipment and exactly how that equipment connects to the computer.


Dear Gale

Thank you for your help. I will try some of the things that you suggest. Strange how it used to work but does not now. All I am doing is pressing the record icon to record sound from what is being received on screen over the internet. Never been a problem before! Thank you. Graham Richings (UK)

We have a tutorial for that:

If you are using Windows WASAPI (loopback) to record, try recording in stereo rather than mono, and restart Audacity if you have just made changes in Windows Sound.


Dear Gale

Thank you again for your help and second lot of advice. Very interesting and a whole new world for me! I am just about to reinstall the Audacity software and will then try the things that you are suggesting if I still get problems. Thank you.

Graham Richings.

Dear Gale

Just to let you know that I have got Audacity working OK and recording from the Internet. I removed all trace of the program from my machine, made sure Windows was up to date and rebooted the machine and then re-installed the audacity software, followed some of your advice and it worked without problem and no error messages. I have learned a lot from what you have told me and am grateful. Thank you. Graham Richings UK