Error opening sound device. Help.

So I’ve been trying to record the audio for trouble in terrorist town (Do not question the
motivations of an animator.) and I set the audio device too my speakers, and I can record fine whilst I’m
not playing, but when I start I just get this error.
“Error while opening sound device. Please check the output settings and project sample rate”
I can assume this is something to do with my soundcard, but is there any form of stopping this error
without replacing my sound card? Any help will be required.

What are you trying to record - your microphone while you are playing a song in Audacity?

If you only want to record without playing a song and without listening to what you are recording, open the Transport Menu and uncheck Overdub and Software Playthrough.

If you need to play while recording, your sound card must be capable of doing this (although most sound cards are capable).

Have a read of and try all the suggestions there.

If you need help, please read the pink panel at the top of the page and give us the requested information. Also give us the make and model number of your computer and the make and model number of the sound card.


Information: When I checkup to find my sound card, This is what it says: Audio device: Speaker/HP (Realtek High Defini

Maybe that can help you?

Please read my previous post more thoroughly.

If you are trying to choose the stereo mix input in Audacity, there may be other things you can do, but you need to say exactly what you are trying to do and what input you are choosing now.

if you can’t give the requested information, please try clicking on this blue text: and reading the page you come to.

If it’s a sound card problem with the Realtek device, making sure you have correct drivers for that device may help. Please see . We can’t help you any more with that (because you haven’t provided the requested information).