Error opening Sound device .. ck sample rate

Hello I have been to the FAQ’s page… and was hopeful… but not successful.

I have XP , and re-installed… and reset prefrences. just today… ( problem for > week)

project sample rate =44100 currently have soundmax and MME selected in tool bar.
Nothing is checked or selected in the Transport column.

my sound check… on control panel check’s out… as working… Looking for what to check now.

thanks for your assistance

These are always sticky because it could be anything. Did you crank through these suggestions?

Do you have any USB or FireWire devices in your system in addition to the usual built-in microphone, etc?


I use an ihome mini speeker on this lap top… as the only usb… device

and yes… i did go to the Faq’s… that’s where i found the link you posted…
I did most of them…
had trouble seeing if the sound device has an up date…
am at HP now… w automatic device dectection… because… troubble reading the ID on bottom

— now . I downloaded the automatic up date extension… to chrome. but it will not initalize. so. .I’m not sure if the driver is up to date…

Is the error occurring when you play, record or both?

If it only occurs when recording, what exactly are you trying to record?

If you want to to use the USB speaker as playback device, choose the “USB CODEC” as playback device in Audacity Device Toolbar ( see ).

Note that you cannot record computer playback with stereo mix or what U hear if you use the USB speakers for playback.

It is a good idea to make sure you have latest audio drivers for the inbuilt sound device.

Perhaps you should try to download the HP update software again. Download it to your hard drive and run it from there.

It is often better to find the product number and then search the HP site for drivers based on that exact product number. See here for some other ways of getting the product number: .

For example, have you tried holding FN and ESC or holding down CTRL and ALT while pressing S? Or try the HP Support Assistant to get the product number (the Assistant may be in the Windows Start Menu).

Be aware though that HP no longer supports Windows XP. You may find it hard to get XP drivers from official HP sources.

Have you ever used Audacity without having this error? If so, can you think what changed since then that might affect this? Can you use XP System Restore to go back to a previous restore point when Audacity worked?


Hello Gale. and thanks for help.

the issue happens after opening… and selecting record.

I have used audacity for 3-5 years.
I have not had a problem using the mini speeker… befor at all…

I’m recording … internet audio… seminars.

I did get the HP product # finally… and tried from HP to do a driver check . .but the downloaded extension on chrome… gives me an error… so it will not identify from the internet automatically
-and the file ( 2 old files) when downloaded from HP says its corrupt and willnot load on computer.

so frustrating… hours… down the drain… ( thanks for your help tho… )

So what changed if you could record stereo mix before in Audacity? Or did you never try?

Have you checked in Windows Sounds and Audio Devices to see if Stereo Mix is enabled?

What is the model number? Is (or was initially) the computer intended to run Windows XP? Have you asked on the unofficial HP forums? HP official support will no longer help with Windows XP in my experience.

Have you tried these alternative ways of recording computer playback ?