Error opening recording device on 1.2.6 & 3.4.2

I have been using 1.2.6 successfully converting cassette tapes to mp3. Suddenly, when I click the red record button I get “Error Opening Recording Device Error Code 0 success”. When I select Preferences there is no recording device to select! What happened and can I fix it.

When using 3.4.2 and clicking on record I get this text box "Error Opening Sound Device. No recording device available. Seems like a simple fix but I can get no one to help.

Anybody, please?

What is the “device”? How are you connected?

Does it show-up as a Recording Device and did you select it?

Right-click the Windows speaker/volume icon and select Sound Settings. Check if the device shows-up as an input/recording device and make sure it’s enabled.

Also check it’s Privacy Settings.

You can also try Windows Listen to This Device to see if Windows is getting anything.

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