Error opening recording device -9999 SOLVED

I have been an avid user and supporter of Audacity, and I wanted to post a solution I recently came across.

I’m running Windows 11 using an ATR2100x mic and headphones.

Under the RECORDING SETTINGS of the manual, there is a section with a solution copied here: “Set the sample rate in Default Format so that it is the same as the project rate bottom left of the Audacity screen. 44,100 Hz is a safe choice if you are unsure.”

THIS WAS MY PROBLEM. When I went to the microphone properties and clicked on “Advanced,” it gave several options for this. Mine was set to a DIFFERENT value than the Project Rate, which is located in the bottom left corner of the Audacity screen. Once I changed it on the microphone’s “Advanced” tab to 44,100 Hz, BINGO - it worked.

Good luck!