Error opening recorded files [SOLVED]

I have encountered an error when trying to open recorded files: ‘Error opening sound device.’ I am not sure what this means. Everything worked perfectly yesterday and I have not knowingly altered any settings on my computer or in Audacity. Even the files that I used yesterday without difficulty yield the error message today.

I am using Windows 7 Home Premium and Audacity Version 2.0.6 obtained via the .exe Installer.

Any help gratefully received, I was really enjoying myself until this problem occurred.

Best Wishes for 2015.

That means there is an error when playing the file, not that there is anything wrong with the file.

Go through everything in this FAQ:
Audacity Manual.

If you need more help, please open Help > Audio Device Info… in Audacity. Right-click in the info window, Select All, then CTRL + C to copy. Paste the information in here. If you press the “Code” button in the message window then paste, the information will be nicely formatted in a scrolling window.


Thank you. Everything now seems Ok without me doing anything!! Must have been some minor gremlin.

Ian B