Error opening project

Luv this app.
“Couldn’t find the project data folder…”
Wot can I do?

There are two parts to an Audacity project, an “AUP” file, and a “_data” folder.

If you save a project as “my-project”, Audacity will create a file “my-project.aup” and a folder “my-project_data”.
Both parts are essential. The “_data” folder contains the audio data, and the “aup” file contains instructions that tell Audacity what to do with the data.

If you only have the “aup” file and not the associated “_data” folder, then you have the “instructions” but no audio, so attempting to open the AUP file will give the error: “Couldn’t find the project data folder…”

See here for how to safely manage Audacity projects:

OK thanks.