Error opening project

When I go to open my first project I downloaded, I keep getting this window. Error opening project Couldn’t find the project data folder:(name of project) I click OK,then this window opens…Error opening project Unable to open project file

I’m using Windows Vista, Audacity 2.0.4, and I just installed the.exe installer. I originally used an obsolete 1.2.x version that came with my USB turntable.

You’re using awkward words there so let me play this again. You created a sound show in Audacity and Saved it as an Audacity Project. This is a pretty safe bet because Audacity will not save a sound file.

When you did that, you got two things: you got an AUP file and an _DATA folder, like this:

HiNRGMusic.aup (file)
HiNRGMusic_data (folder)

Those both have to be in the same folder or location on your computer for the show to open. They have to be able to see each other.

Stop me when I say something wrong.