Error Opening Project - Could Not Load Project

I am so far out of my element, but I know from the research I’ve done that I did not change the name of any of the .aup or .au files - I can open the .au files individually through Audacity and hear the 6 second clips, but not sure why this isn’t opening the completed project. Can someone help? The audacity file is 107kb, so I know that it’s at least functioning, but not sure where the error is. I will pay someone to help.

Are you getting an error message or anything? What exactly do you see happening?

I get two error messages - I included screenshots below.

I even open in textedit to see if there is coding that is off (I am by no means a coding person - just trying to trouble shoot as I go) - which I also screenshot.

Any thoughts?

It looks like you’ve moved the project’s “.AUP” file inside the project’s “_data” folder. You must not do that. See here for how to handle Audacity projects safely:

That’s a normal Project.



THAT WORKED. I can’t believe that small change made it work. I cannot thank you enough. I feel silly, but so appreciative for your help. Can I compensate you for your help? Venmo?