Error opening mp3 longer 2 hours [SOLVED]

Hallo Everybody,
I have a Problem when using AUDACITY opening or recording Audiofiles longer than 2 hours.
After 2 hours it´s not longer creating Waveforms and so there is no sound.
I have a mp3 of arround 7 hours, it´s working in every music player - but opening in audacity brings no error itself, just misses Waveform and sound after 2 hours.

I´ve installed the newest version of audacity, I´m using win7 64 bit and 8 GB Ram.

I hope you can help me with my Problem.
Thanks in advance

We want to hear that you are using the current Audacity 2.1.3 release from - see Help > About Audacity… to check the version number of Audacity. A lot of sites offering the “latest version of Audacity” do not do so and could even harm your computer.

Audacity does not open MP3 files. It imports them and expands them to PCM audio which takes much more space than MP3. Two hours of stereo audio at 32-bit float 44100 Hz takes around 2.4 GB of space. I would guess you are out of disk space. Audacity does not warn about this, but we are working on fixing this.

Assuming you have not saved this as an Audacity project to some specific drive, open Edit > Preferences… then the “Directories” section. That will show you how much space you have when you import without saving a project first.


Yes, you was right.
I didn´t have enough hard drive space left and there was no warning or error Message.

Thanks and have a nice weekend