Error Opening file - Could not locate project data

In Windows Explorer, I renamed and moved both my aup file and the audacity folder that ended with _data. I left the _data intact at the end of the new folder name.

When I open the aup file I get “Couldn’t find the project data folder…”. I understand that, but is there a way to tell Audacity where to find the project data folder associated with this aup file?

I’m using Version 2.3.3 .

Thanks - David

I forgot to mention, I’m using Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit OS.

That’s not going to work. To make the project work again you will need to change the names back to their original names.
If you can’t remember the original name, send us the .aup file and I’ll be able to tell you the original name. (Use the “attachments” tab below the message composing box in the forum reply page.)

The safe way to rename an Audacity project is to open the (original) project in Audacity, then use “Save Project As” and save it with a new name.

More information about safely handling Audacity projects:

Which then leaves you with two copies of the project (can be useful)

So if you only want a single copy of the project you have to manually delete the ,aup file and te project folder.

Oddly we’ve never had a Delete Project or even Move Project command in Audacity. A Move Project would do just what the OP was trying to achieve.

Even if we just had Move Project one could presumably move it to the wastebasket as a way of deleting it …