Error: no element found at line 75

i have this problem: when i open a project that i renamed as “remake” a message shows up:
“no element found at line 75”
-When i was saving the project, Audacity didn’t crash.
-I saved it correctly (File > Save project As…).
-Version: 2.0.5

Sorry for my English, i’m italian.

Thank you,

Please attach the AUP file using these instructions: .


Here it is
remake.aup (6.51 KB)

Unfortunately the file is corrupted at line 75 (part way through the right channel of the stereo track), after which the remaining entries are completely missing.

I’ve “repaired” the file so that it should open (see attached) but you will have an error with eight missing audio data block files (and silent waveform in part of the right channel) because I don’t know the correct names of the AU files to enter in the AUP file. When the project opens, choose the option to “Close project immediately” or “treat missing audio as silence” (do not choose the option to “replace missing audio with silence”).

If you want the audio that is currently silenced you’ll need to add the correct names of the AU files to the AUP file, or rename the AU files in the “remake_data” folder so they have the same name as in the repaired AUP file. The eight repaired entries in the AUP file are in the second “Traccia audio”, from to the end.

If you are not sure what to do, attach an image of all the AU files that are in the “d00” folder in the “remake_data” folder.

Obviously I am assuming that you only have one short stereo track in that project. If you have more than that track then the project can’t be repaired from the AUP file and will probably not be recoverable unless all the other tracks are unedited recordings.

remake.aup (5.26 KB)


I’ve attached a further copy of the remake.AUP that has references to all the AU files in your image.

So the project should now open without missing audio block files. I don’t know if this is a recording or an edited file, so the last eight blocks in the right-hand channel may not be in the correct order.

The files for the last eight blocks are:

So I would suggest you open the project. If the last eight blocks are not in correct order, drag in the above eight files from the “remake_data” folder, then join them into one track in the correct order following these instructions .

Then open the Track Drop-Down Menu and choose “Split Stereo Track”. Now you can replace the section in the right-hand channel that is in incorrect order with the section you joined together that is in correct order.

In case the problem was created by a disk that is failing, I suggest you check if your hard drive is dying .

remake.aup (5.26 KB)