"Error Missing Sound dll" render audio 24 bit in video

“Error Missing Sound dll” error message after rendering 6 minute long video for about an hour when render uncompressed video with 24 bit depth audio in Sony Vegas Pro 10.

My audio card only supports 16 bit depth audio it says, but some how it doesn’t give this error message when I record in 32 bit depth audio and export 32 bit audio in Audacity.

I asked at Sony Vegas Pro forums and I didn’t get much help because they are film makers not audiophiles, so I’m asking here.

What I want to do is take the 32 bit depth audio that I recorded, mixed, and mastered in Audacity and I want to add the audio to a video in Vegas Pro 10 and I want the video to be uncompressed with 24 bit audio so that everything in the video is as uncompressed as possible when I render it before I later convert in into MPEG-2 to upload it to YouTube so that I am not using lossy compression twice in a row.

Help please, thanks.

Problem solved. Simple noob fail. The problem was that I was rendering at a higher quality than my external hard disc drive has room to store.

Solution is to render in MPEG-2 right in Vegas Pro 10 instead of first rendering in uncompressed and then compressing into MPEG-2.

I created a 55 Gb video file for a 4 minute long video and that was the problem.

That’s why it was saying I was missing dlls since I’m such an idiot it is revolting against me and shutting down so I don’t destroy it.