Error Messages

Hi. I’m not new to Audacity, I am new to this forum. I hope I don’t say anything wrong.
On closing Audacity 2.1.1 (on Windows Vista Ultimate x64), I keep getting error messages as in attachment.
Audacity is the only program that sees my USB Audio CODEC driver when recording from ION Profile LP, and it’s stereo too.
Not one of my other recording programs see the USB input.
The directory \audacity_temp is located on Drive E (USB HDD), the same drive as target file storage.
Thanks for a wonderful program.
Audacity Error.jpg

That would suggest to me there could be a problem with that device or with the Windows USB Audio Class drivers that it uses.

Are there any yellow exclamation marks in Windows Device Manager?

The fact that you see that “failed to copy” message at all seems to suggest Audacity is crashing on exit. This could be due to a bad audio device or other reasons such as third-party plugins. Do you also see the "Debug report “Audacity” " window as per Audacity Manual?

Have these crashes or messages always happened when you use this turntable, or have they only just started happening? Have you recently upgraded to Audacity 2.1.1 from an older version of Audacity?

It should not matter for writing the Debug report if your audacity_temp directory is not on C:.

When you say “target file storage”, is that where you are saving Audacity projects or exporting audio files to?

I would guess the problem causing the “failed to copy” message is that the audacity.cfg contains a tilde (~) in a path somewhere and perhaps contains settings from older versions of Audacity.

Please exit Audacity then go to Users\Ian Samson\AppData\Roaming\Audacity\ in Explorer. If you cannot see that directory, type:


into the Explorer address bar and press ENTER on your keyboard. Please copy the “audacity.cfg” file that is already in that “Audacity” folder to somewhere safe and attach it to your reply in case it lets us reproduce a problem.

Then delete that old audacity.cfg file and restart Audacity. This lets Audacity create a new clean audacity.cfg file.

I think that might stop the “error writing” message. You might see the "Debug report “Audacity” dialogue when you exit if Audacity is crashing on exit. In that case, please attach the zipped report mentioned in the dialog that says “Report generated to:”.


Hi, thanks for the reply. No yellow exclamation marks anywhere in Device Manager.
I am exporting .WAV to E:<>
Not saving Audacity project files.
Since changing the temp directory to E:\audacity_temp\ and rebooting, not seen again.
Seems to have resolved itself somehow.

Thanks. What was the temp directory set to before - your user name with a tilde in it?


Gale, sorry, I cannot remember the default temp directory setting as created on installation. It was a long path.

C:\Users\Ian Samson\AppData\Local\Temp\audacity_temp
Found it. Also zipped up the files in the directory for you. (80.2 KB)

Thanks, the temp dir in that audacity.cfg is E:\audacity_temp\ .

I do see “temp es Ian Sam~1” in the dump.