Error Message

I have a MacOSMojave 10.14.3 operating system. I am trying to record a cassette to USB. Wrestled for hours with settings last night and finally got it to work. Now it’s not working again. When I hit record I only get an error message. It tells me to try changing the audio host, recording device, and the project sample rate. I’ve tried all that to my limited ability.

What cassette to USB device are you using?
– Bill

Dansrue Cassette to MP3 convertor

That device is sold under many names. It is known to have problems maintaining a connection. Make sure the cassette is running before you press record.
– Bill

Do you have a better recommendation (that won’t cost me a fortune)?

What amounts to “a fortune”?

A Behringer UCA-202 will convert analog audio to USB. It costs around $30 and is reliable. A used cassette deck will run $50 to $100.

– Bill

Thanks. I’ve got an old cassette deck, so that should work.