Error message

Hi. I am not computer savvy and at the end of my rope with this problem. I am trying to copy a cassette to my computer so I can then burn it to a CD. I installed audacity and hooked up a cassette player. When I try to press record, the ERROR is: “Error while opening sound device. Please check the input device setting and project sample rate”. I followed insturctions and selected the correct settings for the input device and just keep getting the same error. Is there anyone out there who can give me a clue how to proceed? Thanks, Kim

and hooked up a cassette player.

How? Windows laptop? Windows XP? We have to build your system in our head, so descriptions are good.

Regular old analog cassette player like maybe Sony Walkman? Did you buy one of those newer USB Cassette Machines?


see this FAQ from the manual it should sort you out:

If you still get stuck please post back


Hi there,
I have Windows 7 - it’s a tower, not a laptop. And I bought one of those “USB Cassette Converter” devices. So it has a cassette player with a USB plug for the computer and a plug that goes into the Cassette player.