Error Message

I’m using Windows 7 -. Dounloaded Audacity from internet.2.0.1 I have recorded 3 cds sucessfully from cassette tapes. I had to have a virsus cleaned from my computer. Now I’m getting this error message: Error while opening sound device. Please check the input device settings & project sample rate. I am a novice at this and don’t understand sometimes. I am 72, forgetful and slow. Project rate 44100. I have checked input device settings as I understood them. I might add the 1st tape I edited and recorded went fine. I didn’t read all the instructions. I just figured it out. Now I can’t do anything. What could be wrong? Maybe just some setting some where?

Please try this link .


I have checked all settings.
I am using ezcap Super USB Cassette Capture. It came with earbuds and usb cable. The earbuds are in my ears. I can hear the cassette when I play it. The cable is pluged into the player and the front of my computer. I tried plugging it into every usb port on back of computer. Nothing changes.
Could some other setting in the computer have been changed when the tech cleaned it? It worked fine until I took it to the shop.

Well…mircles do happen. I thought I would try it one more time. That same error message came up and then went away. Then I got this error message: Audacity Cross - Platform Sound editor has stopped working. It ask me if I wanted to recover I checked yes. Then I tried it again. As I write this I am recording a cassette. I wish I Knew what went wrong.