Error Message while opening sound device.

I purchased an ion USB turntable model iTTUSB05.
Audacity version 1.4 came with it.
I have installed the software and went through the configuring your PC section of the mannual.
And then went through the Audacity configuration section.
Then inserted the USB cable, then the power.

When I try to start recording to the computer by pressing the record button I get the following error.
Error while opening sound device. Please check the input device settings
and the project sample rate.

I have gone through the configuration of both the PC and the Audacity software three or more times.


Sammy Griffin
256-586-5598 :cry:

It sounds like it could be one of the settings in “Edit → Preferences → Audio I/O” that is wrong, but it’s difficult to guess further than that without knowing a bit more detail (what OS you’re using, can you hear the sound, through your computer speakers, what version of Audacity, can you record other sound sources, can you record the record player in Media Player, what settings you have tried…)


I would try inserting the USB plug first and then starting Audacity. It may be that once you have started Audacity, it is not recognizing the USB device that you plug in later.


Thanks I got it to working.


and for the benefit of others who may read this post and have a similar problem - just how did you get it working? What was the underlying problem?