Error message when using mic/interface after downloading 2.3.2

I have Windows 10.
Was using older version of Audacity easily with my NeumanTLM103 mic and Focusrite 2i2 interface, no issues - laptop outside voice booth, post Windows recent update.
I needed punch and roll ( aduio book narrator) so downloaded newer Audacity - 2.3.2. It recognises my Focusrite interface, but I cannot record - I keep getting error messages stating there is an issue etc. Records fine on my internal computer mic, just not with external mic/interface combo.
I have searched forums and attempted all the fixes e.g. allowing apps to access mics etc, but I am at a loss with 3 chapters of an audio book still to do.

Can anyone help me with this? I would prefer to use Audacity as the new punch and roll feature is really easy, but have to record, so until resolved it is useless to me.

You need to be more precise about the error message, otherwise it could be anything.

What was the old version? You can download and install older versions of Audacity as a desperation move.

… 3 chapters of an audio book still to do.

Never change anything in the middle of a job—at least not without a backup plan. What happens if the machine doesn’t wake up? Do you have external backups of your completed work?