Error Message When Trying to Record

I have downloaded the latest version of Audacity onto my PC running XP OS.

When I try to record I get the message ‘Error while opening sound device. Please check the input device settings and the project sample rate’. The Edit > Preferences > settings are as the instruction leaflet: recording device to ‘USB Audio Device’, channels to ‘2 (stereo)’, and ‘Software Play Through’! I have tried varying all the settings, but still no joy :frowning: !

Any suggestions to resolve the problem would be much appreciated :slight_smile: .

What is the output (playback) device set to?
What sort of USB device?

As a test, try disabling ‘Software Play Through’. Does Audacity then record?

Also see . Make sure the USB device is still properly connected to the computer. Don’t connect the USB device to a USB hub.